Frequently Asked Questions regarding RSS Feed

What does RSS do?
RSS Feeds allow websites to syndicate postings, products, news all over the internet. The abbreviation RSS can refer to the following standards:
1. RDF Site Summary (RSS versions 0.9 and 1.0)
2. Really Simple Syndication (RSS version 2.0)
3. Rich Site Summary (RSS version 0.91)

When a website offers an RSS feed, visitors can easily subscribe and see the latest posts. Rss Feeds work best on sites with content that changes frequently. Even though some RSS Feed subsbscriptions are password protected, most RSS subscriptions are free and accessible.

RSS Feeds work best when they provide the full content or a summary of the content along with links to the actual full content. Other data is also supported, including photos. The content is delivered as an RSS feed, / stream / channel and is XML formatted. RSS Feed Aggregator websites and RSS Feed Readers can help busy people track the latest changes to a variety of websites.

How could RSS Feeds benefit my site?
RSS feeds bring repeat visitors to your website, and give your site exposure to potential new visitors as well. RSS Feeds can help spread links to your website, and provide any overall boost to your search engine rankings. RSS Feed Directories may also provide a link to your site that counts as a backlink.

How can my feed be displayed on other sites?
Flash and JavaScript objects we provide can be used to showcase your rss feed on other sites. Customized easily, it's a great way to show your feed!

What RSS feed directories are available?
RSS Feed Directories include:
LS Blogs
Feed Shark

Is there any way to notify other sites when my RSS Feed has been updated?
Use Ping-o-matic. It pings several services at once.

Is the Atom feed format supported?
Not currently. Please contact us if atom support is important to you.